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There are three words shared between veterans that say volumes beyond the simple words. Those words are “Welcome Home Brother”.

Simplicity on the outside but much deeper in meaning and impact than the words appear. Those words and a welcoming hug or handshake have far greater meaning to the veteran than the simple words alone. The “welcome home” is an exchange of respect and acknowledgement of shared experiences….been there – done that, an understanding without complications or explanations.

An acceptance of of a shared journey through life. When a young soldier goes off to serve his/her country they leave behind everything that anchors their existence and what they care about…family,friends,neighborhood, jobs, leisure activities they enjoy and all the comfort zones they know and rely on. All this is left behind and life changes. The veteran does not forget these things left behind but duty calls and the soldier must answer it… adapting to new experiences and rules that now guide, influence and define his/her world and new responsibilities.

He/she experiences, sees, smells,and hears things never experienced back home. The thought of home gives them hope and a focal point to face the hardships they will experience and gives a will to survive. Their brothers and sisters in arms become family also going through the same hardships and shared experiences of military service and combat—-also thinking about home. War and combat military experiences are like a hot forge –shaping an individuals outlook and survival for life.

Each is different but all molded somewhat alike. We do our duty but “Home” is always in the back of our mind because we are serving for all those back home, for their protection and future freedoms. As soldiers we experience things that today, with no draft into military service, are shared by a very small percentage of the American population, but is a common thread shared by all veterans, past, present and future.

This experience is many times unsharable with those who have not served, for they will not understand. It is difficult to put into words the emotions and experiences of military service and especially combat with those outside the circle. So when one veteran recognizes another veteran they are like family — bonded through their mutual experiences and survival, for many have not made it home. They have been hardened and tested in the fiery forge of combat and a shared brotherhood of service.

So when they give a hug and say “WELCOME HOME BROTHER” it is like being welcomed home with family, safe, happy, respected, appreciated and back in the world. It is a mutual show of respect for the sacrifices by each. So….”WELCOME HOME BROTHERS AND SISTERS” JOB WELL DONE… BE STRONG…BE PROUD… NO VET LEFT BEHIND

Serving veterans through providing a multitude of services to aid veterans in crisis

How We Serve Veterans

Boots On The Ground

Our network consists of many veterans spread across the USA and are activeley involved.

Suicide Prevention

Available to take calls from veterans who are at risk of suicide and talk with them to prevent suicides.

Homeless Outreach

Through boots on the ground discovery we get veterans off the street and into homes.

Connect To Services

If we cannot fufill the needs of a veteran we will refer them to organizations or services that can help them.


Helping facilitate suitable employment for veterans that are at risk of homelessness or are already homeless.


Veterans helping veterans. Supporting our brothers and sisters and being there for veterans in need. Together we serve.

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Operational Videos


We are here for you: (541) 891-5093

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Our Motto: "No Vet Left Behind"

Message From The Founder

"Giving back to the veteran community is very important to me. There is nothing more fufilling than watching one of my fellow brothers and sisters go from being a 'shadow' back to being a productive member of society. Veterans fought for this country so that people could have freedom. The least we can do is make sure that they can get help when in need of it. Sometimes they just need support and a guiding hand to help lead them back out of the shadows and that is exactly what we aim to do. Even though we can't save them all, we will try to save as many as we can."

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