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Homeless Veterans With PTSD Statistics

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A Look Into PTSD Statistics Regarding Veterans Who are Homeless

The higher levels of PTSD among veterans could play an important role in determining the reasons why they are disproportionately represented in the U.S. homeless population. Although veterans comprise approximately 9 percent of the total population, they make up approximately 12 percent of homeless people. Being a homeless veteran can be difficult enough, and since many homeless veterans suffer from PTSD, then it can be an even harder day to day, night to night.

The percentage of PTSD occurring in veterans can be as low as about 15 percent and possibly as high as 30%. The likely hood that many of the veterans living in a homeless situation have PTSD to some degree is a very high one indeed. Being homeless comes with many of its own traumas and difficulties. In this way, if a veteran who managed to not become affected by PTSD after serving in the military became homeless and was in a long term homeless situation, they could, in fact, become at risk of developing some form of PTSD.



The Fight To End Veteran Homelessness – PTSD

As you will see, we should not simply blame the problem in one way; the problem is more complex than the one we are addressing (how numerous homeless veterans suffer from PTSD). What is the reason for so many homeless veterans? Many veterans who were part of the United States Army in many conflicts suffer from PTSD and are unable to find employment. PTSD may be a big contributor to why many veterans are homeless. It’s hard to hold down a job when you still hear bombs going off in your head and can’t sleep at night.

In the near future, the role that substance abuse and alcohol contribute to this is more than many people think. Calculating the vets who live on the streets and in homeless shelters can be an arduous task, given that many move around so frequently. How many veterans are homeless and have PTSD is honestly probably higher than any national average statistic found on the internet. Either way, one is too many, and there are thousands and thousands of them.


PTSD Is No Laughing Matter

Many who have not experienced trauma before just simply cannot understand it. Physicians cannot truly understand it unless they have experienced it for themselves. Veteran Warrior Outreach understands this. While being a small outreach program with limited funding, our hearts are very big, and we make every effort to try and offer support to veterans in need. Understanding PTSD and the effects of war is something that we can relate to, and this is why we can easily relate and help our brothers and sisters.

Regardless of the exact statistics, there are many homeless veterans, many of which suffer from PTSD and other difficulties. Our goal at Veteran Warrior Outreach is to make as much of a positive impact as possible in the lives of these veterans. If you know a homeless veteran suffering from PTSD, please do not hesitate to help them get in contact with us.

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