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Homeless Veterans Hotline Number

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Phone Number For Homeless Veterans – Veteran Warrior Outreach

There is no reason to live in a homeless situation. In addition, add a dose of compassion or even some self-interest (decreasing the enormous costs of wellness programs, healthcare facility services and prison time), and you’ll quickly arrive at an understanding that homeless is a problem that must be addressed.

We believe that every male, female and child should have an affordable, secure space to live in peace and dignity, as well as that decent housing in decent neighborhoods must be a source of conscience actions for everyone. Every veteran in need is welcome to contact us. We will make our best effort to help every veteran in need within the limits of our funding, network and resources. If we can’t, we will help the veteran get in touch with an organization with more resources or is better suited to help them via their location. You can always call to talk and get moral support no matter what. 

Our phone number is 541-891-5093; feel free to call or text. If you prefer to email, then please email: glenn@veteranwarrioroutreach.org



Additional Contact – VA National Call Center For Homeless Veterans

Additionally, suppose you are looking for another way to get assistance. In that case, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) believes that every veteran who is in danger of becoming homeless or trying to get out of homelessness should be able to access the programs and assistance. 

You can visit the VA’s website on the resources for homeless people to learn more. You can also contact the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 1-877-424-3838. It is a national call center for homeless veterans.

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