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Veteran Homeless Outreach Mission – Boots On The Ground

Although our outreach is a relatively small organization, we have experienced steady growth in the years we have been in operation due to our sincere dedication to our mission. Although homeless veterans are still our top priority, we are focused on preventing homelessness for at-risk veterans families to ensure that they don’t become homeless in the first place and provide outreach to homeless veterans that we come across or are alerted to within our network of veteran connections nationwide, as well as those that reach out personally.

We ensure that veterans are connected to the benefits they’re entitled to and use the strong bonds formed among veterans through mentorship and peer-to-peer support. Assistance is accessible for everything from resume writing to job interviewing, clothing, survival equipment for homeless veterans and transportation services.



Reaching Out And Providing Veterans Services

Everyone who has served our country should have a home within it. This is our belief, and we will continue striving to make it happen as best we can.

How do we achieve this? Veteran Warrior Outreach uses a comprehensive, individual approach to organization and promoting self-esteem, self-confidence, and dignity of every veteran and the families of veterans we assist. The program focuses on helping families find housing stability through an innovative, person-centered approach that we call: ‘Boots On The ground’. This means we are actively seeking out veterans on the street and in our communities and have members who do the same in many different states. In order to be eligible, you must be a Veterans in need. Where do we serve? Veteran Warrior Outreach and members serve veterans all over the United States Of America; although we are based in Oregon, we have connections all over the nation and do our best to help veterans in and outside of our state.



Where Funding Comes From – Veterans Helping Veterans

Veteran Warrior Outreach is funded mostly directly by veterans themselves and other Americans who choose to donate to our outreach. Funding comes when it comes and is used for anything that is needed at the time, whether through needs we assess ourselves or through needs that come in from those reaching out and members of our network.

Another major contributor is The Brand Sherpas LLC. The Brand Sherpas is a web design company run by Brian Higgins. Being the son of the founder of Veteran Warrior Outreach, he has graciously advocated for helping homeless and homeless veterans through Veteran Warrior Outreach. As a result, the Brand Sherpas regularly donates sales percentages to help fund Veteran Warrior Outreach and other organizations of similar stature.

Through the many people who have helped and continue to contribute, whether financially or by other means of donations such as time and resources, Veteran Warrior Outreach has made positive impacts in the lives of veterans who are in need. If you are interested in volunteering within our outreach to talk to veterans, donate supplies or help financially, please reach out to us. Thank you to all who have been involved, and most of all, thank you for your service veterans!

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