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How Many Veterans Commit Suicide A Day?

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Do Veteran Commit Suicide At 22 Per Day?

Every single day 22 veterans commit themselves to death. This is a suicide rate of 1 EVERY 65-80 minutes (APPROX). While that’s a staggering figure is, the actual amount could be higher. The VA researchers analyzed the death certificates of 21 states to create the 2010 national estimate for veterans from all age groups.

The military is far less common than in the draft days; over 91% of America’s 22 million veterans are at least 35 years old. And the majority of them did not have a post-9/11 age. Around 72% of veterans are aged at least fifty. A veteran commits suicide every minute. It’s not surprising, so the VA found that those of this age group account for 69% of suicides by veterans, more than 15 from the suicides of 22 that occur each day.

Suicides during active service in the military increased by 30% in 2008, with just one soldier, sailor, or marine expected to commit suicide within the next 25 hours. The number of suicides among ex-military personnel also increased by 10% in the same period, averaging around one per hour, according to veteran suicide quotes. 22 suicides a day are unacceptable! More military personnel died from the suicide bug in 2012 than died in combat in Afghanistan. Once they return home to become civilians, they’re committing suicide at three times the rate of active military personnel.

For many friends, the list of people who died by suicide is more extensive. In addition, the psychological health of veterans is among the most challenging issues facing returning soldiers. Still, the deadly mix of ignorance and preconceptions and red tape of the government’s dysfunction are alarming statistics.

On average, 22 veterans per day take their own lives. We need your help to stop the damage caused by. To prevent seasoned suicide, you need an entire community of females and males committed to making a difference. Our expanding group of civilians, veterans and small-scale organizations allow us to help veterans across the country.



Are There 22 Veteran Suicides A Day?

Do 22 veterans die each day from suicide? This data must be considered in context, but the number is generally accurate.

The rates of suicide are higher in male vets than women veterans. In addition, the study found that suicide rates are highest among young veterans from both genders and among male veterans who are older. However, since these groups make up only a tiny portion of the total veteran population, Most suicides occur within the larger population of veterans in middle age.

It is believed to be more than twenty veterans who commit suicide each day.” The most recent Department of Veterans Affairs data confirms that number. Still, it is essential to add some context to show that the overall number is not representative of the wide range of different ages and males versus females.

Change begins here and now, starting with you and Veteran Warrior Outreach. So take out on the streets, join social media and senators, community leaders, family and friends.

A total of 5,116 active service members have died by suicide. So are there still 22 suicides of veterans per day? There could be more. Let’s get that number to ZERO!

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