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When Is Veteran Suicide Awareness Month

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Be There For Veterans In Crisis: Listen To Their Pain

The 10th of September will be World Suicide Prevention Day, as part of National Suicide Prevention Month. In conjunction with this campaign, veteran Warrior Outreach is committed to preventing suicide among the military population. Therefore, we should be sharing information and stories about our commitment to end the suicide rate among veterans and military members through September.

Each suicide that is completed leaves many survivors to sort out the pieces together and attempt to figure out what happened. The loved ones are usually confronted with feelings of shame and guilt. Friends and family members might be wondering if they could have prevented the suicide or if they’re in some way responsible.

Hope those negative emotions will improve can be gathered from the help from speaking with people who have dealt with depression and are willing to talk with a suicidal veteran. Sometimes people may not understand why a person is suicidal. Yet, others who have gone through similar feelings and journeys can be a great assistance to helping a person work out their feelings and come to light and start improving their health and well being.



Suicide Prevention Month – Let’s All Try Do Do Our Part

Be at peace and let the person know that you can assist them. Don’t leave the person to be by themselves if they need company. Instead, be attentive, show concern, and assure the person lets them know that you are there for them and take the situation seriously. Making sure that the person knows you are there for them will help establish a support system. We cannot always fix all the problems for people, but we can sure be a part of their support network to help them in any way we can, which is sometimes just listening to them and providing them company or making them smile.

The information has revealed that, on average, 22 veterans per day commit suicide. This is a national issue and one we must do more to end it. This is as tragic as it is alarming. However, there is an option that you could take, which is to stand up and try to do something to help.

But it is up to everyone to make sure they understand the assistance available! The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is a free, confidential crisis service that Veterans and their family and friends families can call at any time and at any time. In addition, trained responders, some of which are Veterans themselves, are ready to assist all day long and every day of the year.

Veteran Warrior Outreach also tries to be there for veterans who need someone to talk to in an attempt to do our own part.

We should not only discuss it, we must shout about it. We must be more than just posting on blogs. We need to know what month is veteran suicide prevention as a reminder of what we need to be paying attention to for the rest of the year. The suicide rate is the 11th most common cause of death for Americans and is the second most common cause of death for the military. Let’s work together to change that!

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