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Dogs For Wounded Warriors

Many service dog businesses have shifted to selective breeding programs for dogs which have reduced the opportunities that canines will contribute an animal companion for service. But there are still opportunities there. It’s just a matter of opening your eyes to the multitude of reasons that can benefit from pets as helpers and making sure you can find an “ideal” animal to help with the cause.

Be honest. Many companies have preferences for certain breeds of dogs. The ideal Assistance Dog dog is a golden Labrador, either a standard poodle or across. It’s crucial that the dog isn’t aggressive and is home-broken (if an older pet dog), and enjoys the company of humans and furry companions.

Candidates must pass an assessment of character, in which the test is watched to determine how he responds to people and other types of stimulation. Health screenings also examine the eyesight, and orthopedic issues are assessed. The initial temperament phase could take one to two months while people evaluate and criticize the dog’s behavior and plan subsequent screenings.



K9’s For Warriors

When people hear “service pet dog,” they usually think of guides for the visually impaired. This is a precise definition. Dogs have been known to assist disregarded children, people with autism, the elderly, and our nation’s national and local heroes. One place to check for is Military Working Pet Structure, which can provide recommendations for local police departments or other organizations that accept dogs’ donations.

Just having a dog around allows warriors to count on their canines to evaluate the security of their surroundings because they possess a more significant sense capacity than humans.

Dog Rescue saves animals who need shelter, in shelters and abandoned, being abandoned to their owner, as well as the ones who are mistreated or neglected and helps donate dogs to injured warriors. Pets who are young and old pure breed or mixed breed, small or big or injured or not loved, all of them should be able to feel the unconditional love of a human every one of them. Maybe some of them can also help veterans with PTSD and provide a loyal friend for the lonely. Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Unfortunately, for some veterans, they are the only friend they have.

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