Want To Help Vets In Crisis?

Veteran Suicide Causes

Responding To Veteran Suicide: What Is The Leading Cause Of Veteran Suicide? Suicide is the 10th most common cause of death in the United States. One of the most important aspects to consider is that suicides have always been under-reported for a variety of reasons. Experts have estimated that the rate of suicide could be […]

Veteran Suicide Rate Compared To General Population

What’s Being Done To Help Prevent Veteran Suicide Five times more than the general population. How to stop veteran suicide. The suicide rate was the 11th most common cause of death within the United States in 2020 (what is being done to help to prevent veteran suicide?). For each person who dies through suicide, 25 […]

How Many Veterans Commit Suicide A Day?

Do Veteran Commit Suicide At 22 Per Day Every single day 22 veterans commit themselves to death. This is a suicide rate of 1 EVERY 65-80 minutes (APPROX). While that’s a staggering figure is, the actual amount could be higher. The VA researchers analyzed the death certificates of 21 states to create the 2010 national […]