Soldier In the Hole

I would like to share a story that very much explains the situation that many veterans face.There is a soldier who is stuck in a hole and can’t get out. An NCO comes by and gives the soldier a shovel and tells him to dig himself out. The soldier tries, but on his own the […]

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About Shadow Chaser

History: the term “Shadow Chaser” started In Vietnam for our group who were chasing the shadows in black pajamas across the borders from-to Vietnam, Loas and Cambodia. They became like shadows, unseen, but there, until we ran into them.Then we became shadow chasers, we were like ghosts intercepting and eliminating them in the jungles and […]

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Red Flag Laws

Many states have already passed, and more are about to pass red flag laws. Presently the federal government is trying to pass a nationwide red flag bill. My state of Oregon has had one in effect for over a year with numerous abuses. No one was able to vote on the passing.These red flag laws […]

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My Motivation

As a Vietnam veteran I remember the way we were treated upon returning stateside, the main reason I did multiple tours in country was to avoid stateside. All veterans bring back emotional scars of war, every generation. The closer to the heart the greater the scars.Unlike WWll and the Iraq/ Afghanistan vets (especially the gulf […]

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Military Tribute

” War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is […]

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Discharged Soldiers

Many veterans face problems upon return to civilian life after military service. Most extend military service at an early age before they had established their life skills and goals. Many had limited civilian employment experiences and limited world view.They left behind family and friends who were their support net and those supporters moved on with […]

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Has Homeless Veterans Increased?

Homeless Veterans – Increasing Or Decreasing? California, Florida, Texas and Washington, four states that had the highest number of veterans in their communities together, comprised about 70% homeless veterans in America. The HUD report focuses on the fact that 28 states had decreases in the number of homeless veterans, which is a positive trend. Why […]

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How Can We Help Homeless Veterans?

Veteran Homelessness – And Ways We Can Help Them American veterans have given up and put their lives at risk to protect the country and the citizens in their home country of the United States. They’ve been separated from their families and placed in dangerous situations where death or injury is a real possibility. Yet, […]

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Homeless Veterans Hotline Number

Phone Number For Homeless Veterans – Veteran Warrior Outreach There is no reason to live in a homeless situation. In addition, add a dose of compassion or even some self-interest (decreasing the enormous costs of wellness programs, healthcare facility services and prison time), and you’ll quickly arrive at an understanding that homeless is a problem […]

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How To Donate To Homeless Veterans

Boots On The Ground – Help Support Veterans In Crisis Giving back to homeless veterans is a terrific way to show your appreciation for their sacrifices. You can assist homeless veterans whether you are an individual or an organization. If you have a particular skill or are an organization, you can donate food, clothing, food, […]

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Volunteer For Homeless Veterans

Thoughts On Volunteering For Homeless Veterans – Veteran Warrior Outreach We need more volunteers who can help veterans more than ever before. Why should you volunteer with veterans? Volunteering with veterans is a considerate and effective way to show your gratitude to them. Many organizations and centers are in need of volunteers in providing their […]

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Homeless Veterans With PTSD Statistics

A Look Into PTSD Statistics Regarding Veterans Who are Homeless The higher levels of PTSD among veterans could play an important role in determining the reasons why they are disproportionately represented in the U.S. homeless population. Although veterans comprise approximately 9 percent of the total population, they make up approximately 12 percent of homeless people. […]

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Homeless Veterans And Mental Illness

Addressing The Issue Of Veterans, Homelessness And Mental Illness The connection between the issue of homelessness and mental health issue is a complex one, but research shows the existence of a connection between the two. While there is sometimes no connection to mental illness in all homeless veterans, the result of long term homelessness can […]

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Needs Of Veterans Today

The Veteran Experience – Veteran Warrior Outreach Veterans who say they’ve been affected by PTSD are more likely to experience these issues than those who didn’t, and how are veterans treated today concerning this? For example, about six in ten (61 percent) claim they faced difficulties paying their expenses. In addition, about four in ten […]

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Are Veterans Getting The Help They Need?

Assisting Rural Veterans Who Need Help Do Programs or grants to assist veterans living in the backwoods with transportation for transportation to VA medical centers and other VA and non-VA facilities to receive medical treatment exist? (how numerous veterans need assistance to treat PTSD) Department of Veterans Affairs program Grants for Transport of Veterans in […]

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Donate Dogs For Wounded Warriors

Dogs for Wounded Warriors Many service dog businesses have shifted to selective breeding programs for dogs which have reduced the opportunities that canines will contribute an animal companion for service. But there are still opportunities there. It’s just a matter of opening your eyes to the multitude of reasons that can benefit from pets as […]

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Veteran Suicide Causes

Responding To Veteran Suicide: What Is The Leading Cause Of Veteran Suicide? Suicide is the 10th most common cause of death in the United States. One of the most important aspects to consider is that suicides have always been under-reported for a variety of reasons. Experts have estimated that the rate of suicide could be […]

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Veteran Suicide Rate Compared To General Population

What’s Being Done To Help Prevent Veteran Suicide Five times more than the general population. How to stop veteran suicide. The suicide rate was the 11th most common cause of death within the United States in 2020 (what is being done to help to prevent veteran suicide?). For each person who dies through suicide, 25 […]

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How Many Veterans Commit Suicide A Day?

Do Veteran Commit Suicide At 22 Per Day Every single day 22 veterans commit themselves to death. This is a suicide rate of 1 EVERY 65-80 minutes (APPROX). While that’s a staggering figure is, the actual amount could be higher. The VA researchers analyzed the death certificates of 21 states to create the 2010 national […]

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When Is Veteran Suicide Awareness Month

Be There for Veterans In Crisis: Listen To Their Pain The 10th of September will be World Suicide Prevention Day, as part of National Suicide Prevention Month. In conjunction with this campaign, veteran Warrior Outreach is committed to preventing suicide among the military population. Therefore, we should be sharing information and stories about our commitment […]

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How To Help A Suicidal Veteran

A Few Known Facts About How To Help A Veteran In Crisis Many Veterans might not prove any sign of intention to hurt themselves before taking action, but certain behaviours could indicate that someone needs assistance (how to assist a suicidal veteran). Veterans in crisis may exhibit behaviour that suggests a possibility of self-harm. These […]

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