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My name is Glenn and I am the founder of Veteran Warrior Outreach, an organization dedicated to helping veterans in crisis, homelessness and suicide prevention and intervention. I am dedicated as a veteran advocate to help veterans be aware of their benefits and resources and to connect them to volunteers that can help them. I am a United States Army veteran and Vietnam veteran having served. After volunteering for military service, I attended basic training at Fort Lewis Washington, AIT as combat engineer at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri, airborne at Fort Benning GA, special forces training at Fort Bragg NC after being assigned to 82nd airborne. I was an 18C special forces engineer. I left the service in 1977 after 10 years of active duty service with rank of E6, staff sergeant.

I am a native American, 3/4 Cherokee Indian, an believe in the old ways that helped make this country great. The neighbor helping neighbor, family unity, a handshake being a contract, a man’s word being his greatest asset, a promise made to another being sacred . Obviously, I am a constitution supporter and a patriot warrior, apple pie USA. Love it or leave it.

Having spent much of my life as a warrior I understand the warrior, veteran, mind set and can relate on an even ground with veterans and the issues they face and deal with on a daily basis. It is a matter of walking the walk and talking the talk on a mutually understood and experienced subject, vet to vet. I have been a member of the VFW and American Legion since leaving the service and have a firm knowledge of how these organizations help and support veterans. I also support AMVETS and other veteran organizations and resource groups. I am in contact on a frequent and personal level with many of them nationwide and can (and do often) call upon them to stand in for a local veteran in need of support. It is these contacts and having many volunteer advocates that I have meet, developed, and rely upon that make this outreach possible.

Just like the military, no one man can do it all, it takes teamwork and dedication to complete the mission with success. With the load spread across many strong, broad, compassionate, caring shoulders we can carry the challenges to successful conclusions. Veterans helping Veterans.

Five years ago I awoke with the desire to go on the road, find, identify and make contact with veterans in need on the street and help them. I began to developed contacts, made friends, and started building a network of volunteers who advocated for veterans and are willing to help. My travels over the last five years have been out of pocket and donation proceeds from free survival seminars I have conducted when possible along my routes. This has taken me from Alaska to the Mississippi River and all States west, even several to the east.

In my travels I was able to intervene and prevent an average of 30 plus suicides by veterans per year and uncounted help to veteran crisis and homelessness situations. This was my own finding of these vets, think what a large net of referrals, volunteers and social agencies will uncover and help. I don’t want to see anyone in need left behind.
That is why this organization was started to create a referral and support network to intervene doing all we can to help crisis veterans and their families to a stable, meaningful life. Non-denominational, nonjudgmental, nonpolitical and totally confidential, all veterans in need we try to help. We welcome all volunteers, referrals and resources to accomplish the mission please feel free to contact us.

The term “Shadow Chaser” started In Vietnam for our group who were chasing the shadows in black pajamas across the borders from-to Vietnam, Loas and Cambodia. They became like shadows, unseen, but there, until we ran into them. Then we became shadow chasers, we were like ghosts intercepting and eliminating them in the jungles and deltas of a hazy undefined war zone. After the army I did a lot of commercial diving for a deep-sea marine aquarium fish called “Tinker Butterfly” a beautiful small fish found typically at 200 ft. and deeper. This is a twilight zone where the lack of sunlight causes everything to be dim, murky and black/ white, like a shadow.

So, my boat was named Shadow Chaser. That term today signifies the existence of many veterans who have dropped out. They are the overlooked, unseen, and forgotten proud brothers and sisters of the military services who stood beside us in time of peace and combat. Now for many reasons too many are homeless, often drug and alcohol dependent, shadows of their former selves and forgotten by society. We search them out, ‘shadow chasing’, to help bring them back from their shadow existence and to bring light, hope and success back into their lives. To give them support, respect and tools to help them return to a useful contributing part of society.

They can’t do this alone, they need our help to find the path back, thus we become shadow chasers to find and help them. We, as a society owe them a great debt for their service, and who has the best chance than us veterans, who they can trust and relate to, and understand what they have gone through.

You can be a shadow chaser if its in your heart to help them get back. Everything looks different depending on where you stand. We all need to stand in our fellow veteran brothers and sister’s shoes where they stand, to understand their needs and to reach out a helping hand to fill their needs. It’s the least we can do.

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We are wholly committed to the prevention, of veteran suicide and helping veterans in crisis. Putting boots on the ground to find and help veterans in need is our priority. Additionally we offer call in phone service to veterans who need to talk in an attempt to prevent veteran suicides.

We are mostly funded through donations from our members and volunteers who support what we do. Through the exspansion of our shop we are becoming self funded as well which we aim to have as a primary avenue in the future. We sell stock army trucks and custom army truck builds as well as merchandise and video educational courses and survival equipment to help fund the outreach program.
We started helping veterans on a small scale and having the desire to start something bigger and more profound. As members and funding grew so did our network and reach. The founder struggled with veteran related issues and received assistance from other veterans that graciously helped him and wanted to return the favor and help others in the veteran community. Help our organization keep growing and helping veterans in need join today!

If you are interested in becoming a member or donating please email glenn@veteranwarrioroutreach.org or by clicking the ‘donate’ button anywhere on the website.

We try to find them. However, word of mouth is a huge way that people come in contact with us. Also this website has been a very important tool in providing a homebase that people can go to get basic information and stay up to date with what’s going on. Organic traffic to the website also is a key factor in veterans finding out about the organization. Additionally we regulary post in forums as well as post physical flyers all over the country.
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